For the 2019-20 school year there are 8 trombone majors studying full-time with Associate Professor of Trombone Jeremy Wilson:

  • 6 tenor trombonists, 2 bass trombonists

  • 2 freshmen, 3 juniors, 3 seniors

We have fun...

Our Blair trombonists participate in the Vanderbilt Symphony Orchestra, the Vanderbilt Wind Ensemble, the Blair Big Band, and the Spirit of Gold Marching Band, as well as various small brass ensembles through Blair’s wonderful chamber music program.

The Vanderbilt Trombone Ensemble and Jazz Trombone Ensemble were founded in Spring 2013 to enhance our students’ private lesson study through rehearsal and performance of the ever increasing number of high-quality trombone ensemble works.

Students typically have a one-hour private lesson each week, and music majors must also sign up for our weekly Trombone Performance Class.

In addition to the 8 trombone majors in our collegiate program, we also have several Vanderbilt students who take elective trombone lessons as part of a music minor and/or secondary major. These students typically study with Nick Laufer, Adjunct Artist Teacher of Trombone, who is also our primary trombone instructor in Blair’s fantastic precollege and adult program, Blair Academy at Vanderbilt.