Matt Tuggle

Dallas, TX

Class of 2020

My name is Matt Tuggle, and I'm a freshman bass trombone performance major here at Vanderbilt. Even as a freshman, I've been able to become involved in many different musical ensembles, including the orchestra, wind ensemble, and big band, and I also frequently arrange music for trombone ensembles. I try to pursue a well-rounded musical education, and Vanderbilt certainly gives me the tools I need to be a versatile musician.

I took a gap year before coming to Vanderbilt, and I spent that time teaching lessons at middle schools and high schools. I also regularly worked with my mentors Jay Cook, Noel Wallace, & Jan Kagarice, as well as my friend and colleague Hiram Rodriguez, who also took a gap year. Hiram and I auditioned for multiple trombone competitions and together we prepared a dual recital in the spring of 2016. 

I am an Eagle Scout, and for my service project I collected and purchased used and new instruments to donate to an underprivileged band program in Dallas. I enjoy almost all genres of music, I love movies, and I am a big fan of Star Wars, DC & Marvel comics,  and Game of Thrones.

Life is a lot like jazz, it’s best when you improvise.
— George Gershwin

Here's my performance of Steven Verhelst's "Capriccio" from our dual recital, "Posaune Royale". If you'd like to see more from my dual recital, here's a link to the whole thing: